Creative Gift Basket Ideas

The idea of giving gifts to family and loved ones, friends, employees, well-wishers, business associates, colleagues, or just about anyone with whom you’d like to share a good feeling, is a practice that has been associated with mankind from centuries past. In earlier days, people used to gift each other grains, food stuff, fruits, knitted pieces of clothing, cattle such as cows and sheep, poultry, pigs; just about anything that was utility and appeal to the receiver of the gift.

These days, gifts are more a fancy and the entire gift-purchasing industry is worth billions. From simple things to flowers and chocolates, gifts now include prized dry fruits and nuts, expensive electronic gadgets, cars, bikes, perfumes, clothing sets and many others.

In particular, women love to receive gifts and they are more likely to be taken up with a gift that is put together with care and affection. Here is where the idea of ‘gift baskets’ fit in. A gift basket can hold anything from small, hand-picked items to jewelry, personal care products and cosmetics, exotic fruits, wide array of chocolates, imported cheeses, wine or liquor bottles, cakes and pastries, food items and many others. A carefully arranged and aesthetically appealing gift basket delivered personally makes a sure first impression than the most expensive gift merely wrapped in shiny paper and delivered through messenger.

Making a good basket just needs imagination and ingenuity; using simple everyday material anyone can fashion a gift basket. These days, with the mantra of recycling uppermost in everyone’s minds, materials like paper, cardboard, wood or wire mesh can be shaped into frames for baskets and then covered with colorful craft paper, hand paint, gift wrapper, ribbons and any other material to make original and creative gift baskets.

There are many ways to fill a gift basket with the choicest of items. Some sure-shot winners for gift baskets can be thematic and could include:

1. Chocolates – one of the most classic gift ideas, a chocolate basket can include small gourmet or large chocolate slabs; even home-made chocolates can fill a gift basket.

2. Wine and Cheese – a combination that never goes out of fashion, this gift basket can include a good bottle of red wine, classy cheese wedges or tins, choicest crackers to go with the cheese. To add a touch of class, a couple of wine glasses or a cheese slicer will complete it.

3. Aromatic – a gift basket filled with aromatic and scented bath oils, massage oils, incense sticks, scented candles in different shapes, an organic room or car freshener is a perfect gift idea.

4. Cocktail – a classy gift idea for a corporate or business associate, it can be put together with all the items needed for the perfect cocktail – a cocktail shaker, pourer, stirrer, muddler, mixing spoons, measures, umbrellas to fix garnishes etc. A cocktail recipe book, if included, will have the receiver thank you wholeheartedly.

5. Food – this is one area where the giver can give full vent to creativity and fill the gift basket with fruits, nuts, snacks, exotic teas, organic products, and a slab of meat cut marinade. The more refined sometimes include gift certificates for a meal for two at a snazzy restaurant or coupons for purchase at the latest specialty store in the area.

6. Travel – an amazing idea for a giveaway this travel kit can put together items like a compass, digital camera, maps, portable and reusable bottles, portable tent, sleeping bags, toiletries for travel, Swiss Knife etc.

7. Book-worm – for the avid reader, gifting a collection of the latest paperbacks along with bookmarks with funny or humorous tags, a tea mug with a catchy slogan are thoughtful items to include.

8. Coffee – for the die-hard coffee aficionado, a variety of coffee powder sachets, a painted or designed coffee mug and maybe a small compact coffee maker works well. Or the choicest coffee beans with a compact portable coffee grinder will take pride of place on the kitchen table.

Saving Santa – Last Minute Corporate Gift Ideas

Every smart manager or boss knows good company morale
is priceless. They know rewarding clients, customers
or employees for their continued patronage or hard work
makes good business sense.

The holiday season is the perfect occasion where goodwill
can help build company spirit and continued patronage.
You should spare no expense in presenting a nice token
of your appreciation for all the hard work and loyalty
displayed throughout the year.

However, playing Santa in the corporate world does come
with a few problems. Especially if you’re a boss or employer
who procrastinates or puts everything off until the last
minute. You may find yourself scrambling at short notice
to come up with some appropriate gifts for the people in
your company.

The holidays are especially hectic for those businesses in
the retail trade, getting around to buying gifts for
your employees or boss can sometimes be overlooked in
all the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

Unless you want to look like Scrooge to all your employees,
clients, or colleagues; here’s a quick list of some last
minute corporate gift ideas that will quickly put you back
into everyone’s good light.

Gift Certificates & Gift Cards

Still the old standard, gift certificates will always do
in a pinch. Find a favorite merchant or store of your
employees or clients and give them some gift certificates.
Don’t forget about ONLINE gift certificates, everything
is moving online these days, so finding good quality stores
or merchants who offer gift certificates or gift cards is
an easy task. For example, Amazon now has Gift Certificates,
ranging from $5 to $5000.

Concert/Sporting/Theatre Tickets

Tickets are another last minute item or gift that can be
ordered at the last minute with one phone call or a click
of the mouse. Creating a company outing to a favorite
sporting event or theatre show will always be appreciated
by the receivers.


Likewise, a night out to a favorite restaurant or
nightclub could be a quick last minute gift for your
important clients or workers, easy to arrange at the
last second.


For more upscale gifts you can consider trips or cruises
as corporate gifts to reward your hard working employees.
Weekend cruises are not that expensive if you’re close
to the departure point. Cruises have grown in popularity
and are an excellent surprise gift.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Perhaps, the grand-daddy of the last minute gift is
the traditional gift basket. Still one of the most
appropriate and easy gifts to buy, everyone will enjoy
a gourmet gift basket filled with their favorite
quality treats.

Wine Baskets

Along the save line, wine gift baskets have become
increasingly popular as the interest in fine vintage
wines have risen in recent years. A wine gift basket
will always be enjoyed and well received.

Final Tips

Although time is short, if you can, try to personalize
your corporate gifts in some way. Always send a personal
card and message. Some stores even offer last minute
engraving so check it out. A personalized gift will
always be more appreciated and remembered.

Needless to say, be fair and even in your corporate
gift-giving. Don’t favor one employee or one group of
employees over another unless you have your corporate
gifts tied in with an incentive program and everyone
knows the rules.

Keep in mind the Internet is an easy last minute solution
to your gift-giving woes. Many online stores and gift shops
will offer unique gifts that can be delivered in one business
day. In addition, the Internet will quickly supply you with
the store or shop closest to your location where you can pick
up your gifts. In many large cities, you can order online and
then pick up your order at a local branch or franchise, saving
you valuable time in the process.

Last minute gift buying doesn’t have to be a major problem
if you take some of the gift suggestions listed above and
pick the most appropriate gifts for your company. You’ll
be saving Santa and face at the same time!

Corporate Business Gifts For a Sales Person

Giving corporate business gifts has been a traditional practice of any business company. Business gifts can be given to an employee, client, or boss. For a sales person, giving him a business gift that he can actually use is an ideal way to show a deep gratitude. However, choosing the right business gift for a sales person can be quite tricky sometimes. So to help you with this, you need to consider the personality of your recipient. What are the things he might need on his work? Or the stuff that he usually enjoy during his free time.

You want to make a fix decision about the business gift you want to give to a friend and a business colleague. Here are some gift ideas you may opt to consider for him.

For a sales person who is always on the go for business trips, consider this Personalized Business Traveling Toiletry Case. The perfect business gift for a high-flying colleague, this Personalized Traveling Toiletry Case adds comfort and charm to business travel! Ideal for men and women, this hanging toiletry bag boasts plenty of room for grooming essentials and comes with extras to ensure an easy, productive trip. Your colleagues will appreciate thoughtful embroidery of their initials, which transforms this cosmetic case/shaving kit into a distinctive business gift!

To complete a formal business look, choose to give a classic cufflinks. Cufflinks as a business gift to a sales person can help commemorate a career milestone with traditional appeal. Perfect to wear with tuxedos or French cuff business shirts, this Optic White Topaz Stainless Cufflinks are the perfect complement to his winning attitude and determined ambition. As a thank you gift, a holiday or birthday gift, or to commemorate an important milestone he made.

Another great suggestion could be a Personalized Business Pen Set with Leather Pouch. A pair of fine pens is a classic way to commemorate a career milestone, the perfect business gift for any occasion! Your colleague will appreciate the thoughtful gesture of a personalized gift, especially because these exquisite writing instruments are so versatile and practical. Properly presented in an eye-catching leather case, this pen set is a wonderful way to express your appreciation for a job well done.

Or perhaps you may consider a Personalized Zip Around Leather Padfolio. This stylish and accommodating Personalized Zip Around Leather Portfolio will keep all his business supplies stowed with panache. Keeping his pens, writing paper, PDA, cell phone and more organized and accessible a moments notice. If your co-worker or business associate is more out of his office their and then, this gift is the one that he will love to use every day. Handsomely rugged n tan leather or classic and professional in black this leather zip around portfolio is a perfect gift for the multi-tasker. When monogrammed this well equipped portfolio becomes a special way to honor a goal he fulfilled

Other great choices of corporate business gifts for sales people can be found online. Imagine how large your source is. You can find a vast variety of business gifts from employee gifts, client gifts, executive gifts to retirement gifts!